About the Magazine

About the “Issues of Forensic Science” Quarterly Magazine

Quarterly „Issues of Forensic Science” (ISSN: 0552-2153) was published for the first time in 1955. Since then, the magazine has become a source of unique theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of forensic science and related disciplines. Articles are devoted to investigative tactics and strategies, as well as forensic techniques. Particular attention is paid to the methodology of using traces examination, disclosure and securing in crime prosecution. Magazine is organized in sections. Some sections, such as chemistry, biology, osmological expertise, fingerprints examination, classical and technical examination of documents, toolmark and ballistics, audio forensics and polygraph research are regular, so you can find them in every issue. Included information always keep up with the latest research methods and tools used in modern forensic techniques. The presented scientific achievements and discoveries increase expertise of Ministry of Internal Affairs and judicatory employees. The theoretical knowledge as well as suggested practical solutions are extremely helpful in crime fighting.  All articles are published in two language versions - Polish and English. Recipients of the quarterly are mostly expert witnesses, forensic science technicians, lawyers, students of police schools and research scientists dealing with forensics and related fields of science. The magazine meets the requirements of scientific publication and responds to the needs of law enforcement agencies and the justice system.