Welcome on the website of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Publishing House.

CFLP Publishing House for more over than 60 years has been publishing the scientific articles dedicated to forensic tactics and techniques. The main purpose of publisher’s activity is popularization of the examination methods and achievements in fast expanding forensic science field of knowledge. Scientific monographs and two professional periodicals are issued under publishing activity - quarterly “Issues of Forensic Science” and “Forensics’ Horizons - CFLP Information Bulletin”. In previous years, as part of publishing, the series called “Methodological Papers” was also issued. Our authors are forensic experts from police forensic laboratories, leading specialists and authorities in forensics and related disciplines. Serial publications and scientific articles published in the pages of "Forensic Science Problems" are directed primarily to forensic experts, forensic technicians, adepts of police schools, court and prosecutors' office employees, representatives of research and development centers, students studying at selected fields of study and people interested in the issues of forensic examinations.

Attributes of CFLP Publishing House certainly include care for quality and fluency of the publishing process. Our publications achieve a high substantive and editorial level. At the same time they are rich and reliable source of knowledge. The Publishing House offers several dozen serial publications and hundreds of articles containing passed and current issues of forensic tactics and techniques. Some of them are available in two versions: paper and electronic. Ultimately, the digitization of all published monographs and periodicals is planned. The offer will be updated.


Methodical Papers dedicated to various fields of forensic science, including biological and chemical examination as well as handwriting, document, fingerprint and footprint examinations began to come out from CFLP Publishing House in 1970s. Authors writing to the methodological papers are experts or candidates for experts, who present their research results and achievements.


Monographs issued by CFLP are compendium of knowledge from particular forensic disciplines written by experts and practitioners, directed to readers who are scientifically or professionally involved in forensics.


Quarterly „Issues of Forensic Science” is a testimony of over 60 years of forensic science history on Polish land. Hundreds of articles published by leading theoreticians and practitioners in disciplines, related to crime detection, proofing and prevention, were and still are the cutting edge of forensic science techniques. Nowadays, the magazine is, in national level, an unique source of criminalistics issues. The „Issues of Forensic Science” meets the requirements of scientific publication. The periodical is indexed in the Index Copernicus databases (ICV indicator: 84.58 points), ERIH+ and CEJSH.