• Is it possible to send my purchase abroad?
  • Unfortunately, we cannot do it.
  • Is it possible to pick up the purchase personally?
  • Yes, this option is possible. You have to pay first, and then make prearrangements with the designated person (contact nr 22 601 55 48). You can pick it up at Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Al. Ujazdowskie 7 street, 00-583 Warsaw.
  • Is it possible to to order purchase by phone?
  • Unfortunately not. You can order only via website of the Publishing House.
  • How long does it take to get delivery?
  • We need around 7 days from the date of the money transfer.
  • How much the delivery cost?
  • The costs are related to the weight of the purchase.
  • Can I pay debit/credit card?
  • Unfortunately not. Currently we accept only bank’s money transfer.
  • What the statuses of the purchase mean?
  • Request accepted – seler has got information about the order/request and waits for money transfer.;
    Request completed – money transfer received, purchase sent to the buyer;
    Request cancelled – the seller cancelled request after receiving email information about the cancellation. Such an information has to be received before the purchase is sent
  • How can I check status of my purchase?
  • The status can be checked in “My purchase” field accessible after log in to your account.
  • How can I cancelled the order?
  • To cancel your order you should send information about the cancellation to email address: ksiegarniaclkp@policja.gov.pl. Such an information has to be received before the purchase is sent.
  • Is there the option to add next order after completing the first one?
  • Yes, to add next order to already requested purchase you should send information about the next request to us. The information should consist personal data of the buyer, names of the products to identify the items and their quantity. Such an information has to be received before the purchase is sent.
  • Which way electronic versions are available?
  • Electronic versions are available in pdf format. To access the files you need special program. Electronic versions, marked with ID number and name of the buyer, are delivered to the given email address after money transfer is received.
  • Is it possible to make the purchase without setting personal account?
  • Yes it is.
  • What are the benefits to have an account?
  • Having account allows to make shorter next purchases (no need to fill up forms again). After registration the client will have access on line to his purchases status as well as history information
  • Can I delete my account, if decided so?
  • Yes, you can do it at any time by sending information to the Publishing House.
  • Can I get the VAT bill?
  • Yes, to every purchase we provide VAT bill.

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